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GAAR9220 Oh No !


Whilst this is a game, the pro should explain to players why
they do not want to serve balls into the net.

Practising proper serves. Not dolly serves.

Can be done individually or in pairs – I favour
the latter. Nobody gets upset.


It is a good idea to place markers on the baseline to
avoid any accidents – keep the
players apart.

In this way you can accommodate 8 players on one court.

All players serve from the same end of the court.

When working as a pair, one player is serving and the other counting the points and
possibly handing them the balls.

Therefore two players are serving from the deuce side and two from the ad. Side.

Each player has 2 – 4 or 6 balls.


Explain to players that this is not a race to see who finishes first – they should take their time.

One player of the pair can serve all their balls or

They can take it in turns.
Ball goes into the correct service box - 2 points per ball
Ball goes into the net - minus 2 points.
Ball anywhere else in the far court 1 point (including tramlines)
Ball out of the court area Does not count.

At the end of the round the pairs add their scores together (unless playing individually).

Scores are compared and if there is a tie, then there is a one ball per player shoot out,
until a winner emerges.

Can also have players from different courts competing.

GDSV1298     Serving practice drill.

Object:    Doing practice serves without making a mistake.

Can be done on one or more courts depending on numbers.

Players just practice their serves - however if they make a
Mistake (into the next - outside the correct box etc.,) they
Have to run round the outside of their court.

The other players are pre-set a target of serves in the box,
Which if performed before the player gets back, they have to
Run again.

The pro decides on the target number, it should be quite
Generous depending on ability of servers.

Note: the pro should ensure the players are doing a proper
Serve and not just trying to dolly the ball in.
If the pro suspects a player of not serving to their full potential, he can make them also

To add interest to the drill, the players can count either their total score of balls in the box,
Or the highest count in a row, in the box.

Players should change positions occassionally.