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OCTOBER                     10/13
Views from the court.

The summer continues at the moment in the UK and it is great to have an
Extended playing time where the weather is fine and you do not have to
Worry about your games being rained off. However, this is about to change
And we can expect some poorer weather on the horizon.

Fortunately, I have a band of dedicated players who are happy to play their tennis in conditions
That used to be considered ‘non tennis weather’. Tennis has now become an all year round game,
But this has meant that we are batting against cricket in the summer and football in the winter, but
Even with football the seasons now seem to meet during the summer months.

I am not a footballer myself and there cannot understand men wanting to play as they get older, as
Many of them suffer in later life from the many leg injuries sustained during their career and also as
They play today. Many of my players also play football and I currently have three off due to football.
Unfortunately, football seems to take over the life of those who become addicted.

It was great to see Nadal back to his winning style at the U.S.Open, I am a fan of Nadal and would
Like to see him overtake Roger’s Grand Slam count - it is possible.

I used to go to the PTR conference in Hilton Head, South Carolina and certainly miss that event,
I have reached the stage where I am not doing any travelling at the moment - more important to earn
Money to pay the bills, but I would like to return sometime, I have fond memories.

As subscribers will appreciate, this newsletter just provides a couple of games or drills, plus helpful
Articles etc., there is much more information on our free website http://www.tennisatthenet.com and
Our drill books contain over 600 games and drills plus a number of help sheets for coaches to print
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GAAR9249  Wizard of Oz


Fun game incorporating rallying and winning strokes.

Set up:

One player is at one end of the court and is the wizard,
all other players are at the opposite end.
The pro is at the same end as the single player and is
outside the court.


The pro feeds a ball to the first hitter who hits down the
court and moves out, the second hitter then hits the next ball.
players take it in turn to continue the rally.

If a hitter messes up the shot or the wizard wins the point,
The hitter goes into the sin bin at the side of the court.
Each player who messes up follows suite.

If one of the hitters wins the rally - they get either all of
the players out of the sin bin or the first one that went in (the pro decides)

If there are no players in the sinbin and the hitter wins the point, they get an actual point and need
five such points to beat the wizard. Then a new player becomes the wizard.

If the wizard gets all the hitters into the sinbin then the wizard wins a major pont and a new player
takes over.

GAARSD4701 Express


This can be used as a serious drill or serious game.

The drill practices ground strokes - volley - overhead.


The group starts at one end of the court, with one player
On at a time. There is one player the opposite and plus
The pro at the side of the court.


The pro feeds a ball to the player starting at the baseline.

The player plays out the point and if winning moves to the
Net and the pro feeds a volley, this is also played out.

If the player wins, the pro feeds an overhead and if winning that changes places with the player at
The pro’s end.

At any stage the point is lost, the player goes off and the next player takes their place.

Conditioned Practice.

It is a useful idea to occasionally  include tennis practices that have a specific purpose, i.e. to put
pressure on the serve or similar areas, and I am introducing some plays that feature this idea. Try
them sometime.

1/. Play a set, scoring on the service game only, as in volleyball. This emphasizes learning how to
    hold serve. If serve wins they get a point, if they lose the opponenbt gets the serve but no point.

2/. Play a set, scoring on the return of serve only, this emphasizes learning how to break the serve.

3/. Play a set in which the server is allowed only one serve, and the receiver must come into the net.
     This teaches a good second serve as well as coming to the net on a return, and also helps the
     player develop passing shots.

4/. Play a set in which you must hold serve before you can turn the serve over to the opponent.
    In the first game, score starts at 0 - 40, the second service game starts at 0 - 30, the third at 0 - 15,
    then 0 - 0,  0 - 0, as long as it takes to hold serve. This teaches the server how to come from behind
    on their service game, and the receiver to take advantage of early opportunities. Works equally
    well in doubles practice.

More next month.