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JULY 2013                              7/13
Views from the court.

Wimbledon has come round once again and what on earth is happening?
top players are going our in the early stages, such as Nadal in the first
round, federer and Sharapova in the second, to name a couple, plus
Azaranka and Tsonga due to injury.

What a great game Dustin Brown played - I really liked his style and also
his attitude - he was having fun on the court and whilst he played out of mind, it was refreshing
to see a new comer to Wimbledon and the higher ranks who was using many different tactics etc

What are Spain and France doing that proves so successful?  Spain had 13 men and 6 ladies at
Wimbledon and France had 11 men and 6 ladies. Their coaching programmes are obviously a very
important aspect of their success, but I also believe training players on clay is an equal part of
their winning ways. A further element is the attitude of the players, are they willing to put in the
Really hard effort in order to win!

There have been some excellent matches this year and rallies seem to be getting longer in both
The men’s and the ladies matches, is it the equipment, a change in the playing surface, better
Fitness; they all go to help the players in their search for perfection.

Game/warmup   GAARWU234  Round the World - Variation.


Fun tough warm up exercise.

Works on fitness, movement and accuracy.

Set up:

All players start on the baseline with the pro the opposite end.


The pro feeds a ball and the first player moves in to hit the ball
Back to the pro.

That player either - runs to the back of the line
                   or   - runs round the court before joining the line.

The pro hits the ball to the next player who copies.

The players should try to keep the ball in play.

Alternatives:    the players only have one racquet that they pass on.
                     the players have a ground stroke and move in for a
                     volley, before running round.

Coaching point : players should stay balanced and concentrate on hitting the ball to the pro under

SDSV1420 Hole in One.


Practising the serve, incorporating accuracy & consistency.

Set up:

The service boxes are divided into two equal sections.

Players can start in any position and as shown there are two
Players serving on each side of the court.


A player can start anywhere on the court but must move to
The next half court as they progress, eventually arriving back
At the same place.

Rules - each player must get two serves in a row in the
Appropriate half box, in order to move on

If more courts are available and enough players - the players
Move around the outside of the courts i.e. having served into the two boxes on one court, they move
to the next court etc.,

Cones can be placed in each half court and if the cones is hit, this counts as a hole in one, and the
Player can miss a half box.

The game can be made more competitive by counting how many serves are required to go all the way
Round and back to the start.

Do You condition your players practice!

If we are talking about recreational players, we must consider what the average players think of as
Practice. In general they think of practice as any thing they do on the tennis court, and there is without
Doubt the need to regard, at all levels that all types of practice are essential in order to advance their

Are recreational players being given too much of the same type of practice, or often practicing
Incorrectly and not getting the full benefit from their time on the court. It is our responsibility as their
Pro to make sure our players are aware of the best way to practice. It is important that players
Replicate sound strokes time and again and these will help them during the stress of competition.