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AUGUST 2013                08/13
View from the court.

Since the last newsletter, a lot has happened in my world of tennis, had a
sports injury operation but now back on court, and started at a new facility.

Whilst the new place is a coaches dream, it has not quite worked out that
way - it has 4 brand new hard courts, plus 4 mini courts, a 50 metre outdoor
Swimming pool, a BMX circuit and much more.

Unfortunately, the council who own the site, initially made the use of the courts for free and this has
made it very difficult to get the public to now pay for the hire of the courts and to pay for coaching.
we will gradually get through this but when such a precedence is created, the public think it is
their right.

The additional problem is that it is in a very poor area and we all know that tennis is not a cheap sport
in which to participate.

I started a new LTA iniative on a Sunday morning and this is an excellent idea, it is called ‘Tennis is
Family Time’ they are subsidising this making the charge to families £3 for a family for 2 hours; they
have supplied all of the equipment and balls etc and pay the coach £25 for the 2 hours. Even with
this some of the families who turned up would not pay and went away.  So = I have lots of work to do!

Wimbledon had it’s ups and downs but is now history, just would like to say that there are many new
players coming through which is good for the game.

SDGS2234  Good ground stroke workout


This is a self feed drill working on hitting the ball deep
cross court - deep down the line - short angle cross court

The drill is designed to have either 2 players or 4 players
on the court and working as either 2 on court at a time
or 4 on court.


The first picture shows a feeder on the service line one
end and the hitter in the middle the opposite end.

If there are 4 players, 1 waits off court at the hitters end,
the other is collecting the balls.


The feeder has 8 balls to feed (the importance of good
feeding should be pointed out).

The first ball is fed to the corner of the singles court on
the forehand, the next to the backhand etc.,

The player hits the ball and recovers to the correct spot,
this should be pointed out. The next ball is not fed until
the player has recovered, they should
not Anticipate the next feed and start early.

The pro should decide shot selection i.e. 1 & 2 deep cross
court 3 & 4 deep down the line etc.
I suggest that after everyone has had a turn, the next 8
sequence is All short angled cross court.

When all 8 balls are fed, The feeder goes to the other end,
the waiting player becomes to hitter
and the collector becomes the feeder.

The second picture shows all players working.

The feeders feed 8 balls each cross court and the pro
decides the shot selection.

The player recovers after each shot to the centre (explain
before, where they would recover to in a game).

Feeders collect the balls and the hitters change sides so
they are now hitting b’hnds instead of f/hands etc.

Feeders collect balls and hand them the hitters who are
now the feeders.

GAAR9836 Fruit Salad.

Fun game including volleys.


Players are in the volley position, the pro is opposite
at the service line.


Each player is given the name of a fruit i.e. apple -banana
and the pro has to remember these.

The pro randomly feeds the volleyers, calling out the
name of a fruit, if the volleyer is that fruit they must
react and volley the ball, if not they must let the ball
go past.

They have 3 lives each and when all lives are used, they
can either sit out or if the pro decides the alternative
they go round to the pro’s side and can return by catching
a ball. If they do, they take the number of lives remaining
Of the player whom they caught, and that play goes to
the pro’s end.

Occasionally the pro will call out ‘fruit salad’, all the players
place their racquets on the ground, run and touch the back fence, run back to the net, pick up
their racquet and hold it on the net. The last one loses a life.

Running Junior Summer Camps.

The summer is now here and many of us will be running summer camps.

The first important step is to ensure you have planned in advance what you intend to do and also to
be ready to throw in some items, if there is a lag in the proceedings.

On the first day, when the players arrive, introduce yourself and do something that will  help all the
players learn each other’s names – something like throwing the ball to each other and calling out
your name as you receive the ball, moving on to calling the name of the player to whom you are
sending the ball.

The next important step is to do a warm up, do a different one each day, there are many different
games and warm –up exercises and lots can be fun and competitive.

Explain to the players what the programme will basically consist of i.e.

1/.  A tennis lesson
2/.  Lots of different fun tennis games
3/.  Some competitive play (both singles & doubles).
4/.  Depending on the mix – introduce some alternative games (football – hockey etc)
5/.  Wind up the day, perhaps with a quick competitive competition, including a small    

It is also important to ask the players themselves, if there is anything they would particularly like to do

Most of all, make it a camp to be remembered.

If you need any more ideas on games etc., please contact me.